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Fuzzy Dot

Fuzzy Dot

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Product Description

Fuzzy wuzzy was And for some reason, dogs love 'em! We really don't know why but our poochie friends can't get enough of these little guys. Maybe it's because there's a perfect size for every mouth, maybe it's 'cause they squeak with the best of them, or maybe our dogs just love the color pink. Either way, you gotta try these dots to find out what the fuzz is all about. Assorted colors are assigned at random based on availability.

Small - 4" Diameter

Large - 6" Diameter

Product Details


We haven't found a dog that doesn't like these...honestly, we have no idea why. If yours doesn't, we want to know!


  • Available in multiple sizes for mouths of any size
  • Fun to roll
  • So soft, you'll want to snuggle with it too
  • It squeeks!


Just a fuzzy, squeaky toy

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If you or your pup aren’t 100% satisfied with our products, you can return them for a full refund. That's our no-risk satisfaction guarantee! Just send us an email at so we can start the refund process and make the situation right.

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