Why do cats love wet food?

Why do cats love wet food?

The Science of Saturation!

Food is a major part of giving your cat a long and healthy life. Like humans, a cat’s diet changes over time, and as they age, their balanced diet starts to shift. For example, cats require more calories during their kitten years, but after getting older, need more fluids to prevent kidney disease. These varied requirements throughout a cat’s life cycle can be confusing for us owners! So, what’s the #1 question? How necessary is canned food? The answer…extremely!

While dry cat food is most commonly used because of its affordable cost and perceived dental benefits, wet food is actually better for your cat. Why? Because raw or canned food’s higher moisture content plays a major role in a cat’s overall health and hydration. Dry foods are not a bad option for your cat but should always be complemented with wet food daily to provide necessary dietary moisture with their tasty meats.

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Cats are obligate carnivores, meaning meat, particularly of the organ variety, is biologically crucial for their survival. They need 2-3 times more protein than dogs to maintain a healthy muscle mass. Additionally, your feline friend doesn't have a natural awareness of being ‘thirsty,’ making them rely heavily on the moisture from his food to hydrate them. In the wild, cats receive almost 80% of their overall hydration from prey like birds and rodents, not from drinking water! At home, high moisture foods like raw or canned are the closest thing to providing a naturally balanced diet because they contain lots of moisture, are high in protein, and lower in carbohydrates. Wet food is also significant to urinary health as it produces more dilute urine, keeping those kidneys filtering right along. Better yet, moist foods are easier to digest and produce less solid waste in the litter box. Lucky you!

And before you say "but my meow meow is so picky!", be not afraid! The historical finickiness of cats is not lost on us. That’s why our stores offer a wide (and we mean wide) range of raw and canned food that vary in both ingredients and texture. Plus, our Kahooligans have tons of experience with fickle kitties and are always on hand to help you find your cat’s next favorite meal. Stop by your local store and experience the Kahoots difference for yourself!

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