Chews Wisely

Chews Wisely

Trimmin' out the Fat

Every dog owner wants to give their dog chews with safe, high quality ingredients that will promote their health. Not only do owners look for safe and healthy chews but many worry about splinters, unpleasant smells and what chemicals are used in production. With proper care and research, Kahoots produces and carries a variety of natural chews with safe and organic ingredients! All of our Kahoots chews are made without synthetic preservatives, fillers, dyes, and added flavors. We want to give your fur babies the healthiest (and tastiest!) options that they deserve when they’re rewarded. We believe that treats and chews should not only taste amazing but should boost your best friend’s longevity as well. Who said healthy and fun can’t go together?

Assorted Kahoots chews and bones

What in the World is Charcuterie?

A majority of Kahoots’ treats and chews are charcuterie (shaar·koo·tr·ee). French for “cooked meat”, charcuterie is a group of centuries old culinary techniques for preserving, preparing, and presenting meat products. Charcuterie is one of the most important kinds of food preservation there is and reaches all the way back to earliest civilization. Though it hasn’t changed much since the 15th century, modern innovations in equipment have made the processes of curing and smoking meats even more reliable and precise. Through the ancient art of charcuterie and modern technology, Kahoots’ products are hand selected, cut or trimmed by hand, and carefully cured, creating a canine’s chew of choice!

Why Chews?

Chewing is an instinctive behavior for all dogs. It relieves frustration and boredom and provides mental stimulation while also developing powerful jaw and neck muscles. Chewing also fights plaque and helps keep teeth and gums clean. Kahoots likes to provide different recreational chews for each dog, from teething puppies to chewers with sensitive tummies.


Kahoots Smoked Better Beef Hooves

Come from grass fed cows and are simply made with one ingredient: Cow Hoof! How are they better than the average cow hoof chew? Kahoots Smoked Better Beef Hooves are naturally washed and fully digestible hooves, minimally processed and antibiotic/hormone free. Their hollow centers are perfect for spreading a little xylitol-free peanut butter to enhance your dog’s tastebuds and their hardwood smoked flavor makes them taste great and smell even better!

Kahoots Better Bully Sticks

Are very popular with dogs and owners alike! Dogs love the taste. Owners love that they don’t have to smell it. How are they better? Kahoots Better Bully Sticks are hand washed with purified water to drain of fluids and are low temperature, forced air dried for four days. This process makes them a denser, non stinky, longer lasting chew that smells like meat. You can find these bully sticks in bulk or individually at your local Kahoots store

Kahoots Smoked Marrow Bone

Is high in nutrition and is much safer in bone texture compared to a heat treated, cooked bone that is prone to splinter. Kahoots Smoked Marrow Bones are one of the only raw, shelf stable, recreational bones on the market, and the proof is in the fully intact marrow! Slowly smoking these bones over real hickory hardwood not only gives these raw bones a 2 year shelf life, but they also won’t stain your white dog and carpet like artificial smoke can. Make sure your buddy doesn’t eat too much of the marrow all at once because it’s incredibly fatty and can lead to loose stool. Depending on the dog, be sure to save that bone for later! An hour, 30 minutes, or maybe even 10 minutes are good lengths for a chewing session. Store the bones at room temperature or in the refrigerator until next time.

Kahoots Turkey Tendons

Are made with turkey tendon and vegetable glycerin. They are 65% protein and make an awesome reward for training or spoiling your dog. Turkey is a lean, digestible meat that helps build muscle and is low on fat and high in protein. If you want to find a chew tougher than jerky, the Kahoots Turkey Tendons are the go-to chews for you! They have the same health benefits as our Kahoots Turkey Jerky but with a little more chew!

Small dog with smoked turkey tendons in mouth

Kahoots Slow Roasted Lamb and Cow Ears

Are excellent choices for dogs with very sensitive tummies! They are rich in collagen and glucosamine and are an ideal choice for smaller dog breeds.

Kahoots Sweet Potato Slices

Are made from jumbo sweet potatoes grown in Louisiana and North Carolina, and are hand selected for quality. Sweet potatoes are high in dietary fiber and are low in fat. They can help control your dog’s gas while also firming up their stool. If you are looking for something different, something new, this is the chew for you!


Kahooligan Tip - So many chews to choose from! Still not sure which one is best for your buddy? Stop by at your local Kahoots Pet Store and ask an associate to help you choose! Once you find the right chew, Kahoots wishes that your dog not only enjoys their chew but is safe while enjoying it. Kahoots asks to always supervise your dog’s chewing activities, especially if he is a strong persistent chewer or a “gulper”. Kahoots always suggests that you pick an appropriate size bone or chew to prevent choking such as picking a bone or chew that is almost too large to fit in a dog’s mouth.  Softer chews for older dogs could help prevent broken teeth. Take away anything that has been chewed to a nub and be vigilant about noticing if your dog is breaking off large pieces that might get swallowed or lodged in the throat. Chew on that!