Smoked Better Beef Hoof
Smoked Better Beef Hoof

All Natural

Smoked Better Beef Hoof


Made only from grass-fed cattle, our Kahoots Better Cow Hoofs are not only US-sourced but hardwood smoked for an enticing flavor your pup is sure to love. These naturally washed and fully digestible hoofs make great indoor chews for dogs of all ages. And like the rest of our chews, Kahoots Better Cow Hoofs are minimally processed and antibiotic/hormone free.


For your pet's safety, Kahoots recommends supervising your pet when giving them any chew, and selecting one that is slightly larger than your pet's mouth. Always provide your pet with fresh drinking water.

Key Benefits
  • Fully digestible
  • Mouth watering smokey scent
  • Inexpensive, grass-fed chew for dogs of all sizes
  • Minimally processed and antibiotic/hormone free

What's Inside

Beef Hoof