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We offer a full range of vaccines to keep animals healthy, at a price that keeps owners happy

Say goodbye to those pricey vet bills when you take your animal in for simple vaccines! Kahoots offers vaccinations, testing, and much more at extremely affordable prices to keep your animal healthy and your wallet as happy as-can-be. We’re proud to partner with Advanced Pet Service, a group of dedicated, knowledgable vets and technicians who visit our stores to make these important services possible. From individual vaccines and packages to microchipping and nail trimming, we’ve got just about everything your pet needs to stay in good health. Check out our company-wide calendar and menu below for a time and service that works best for you. For copies of vaccination certificates, please e-mail (allow up to 24 hours):

Please note: For the safety of our clients, all dogs that attend our Vet Service Clinics must be on a leash at all times and cats must be in a carrier (not on a leash or harness).

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Individual Vaccines
DAPPV $32.00
Bordetella Oral $30.00
Lyme $30.00
Rabies $17.00
Leptospirosis $20.00
FVRCP $30.00
FeLV $30.00
Rattlesnake $35.00
Canine Flu – Bivalent Strain $40.00
S (1-15 lbs) $25.00
M (16-30 lbs) $30.00
L (31-45 lbs) $35.00
XL (46+ lbs) $40.00
Take Home Fecal Testing $35.00
FeLV/FLV/Heartworm Combo $35.00
Canine Heartworm Testing $30.00
Heart Worm Prevention w/ Negative Test Results
Feline - Revolution Topical (5-15 lbs) $95.00
Feline - Revolution Topical (15-22 lbs) $110.00
Canine - Proheart 6 month injectable (0-22 lbs) $30.00
Canine - Proheart 6 month injectable (22-44 lbs) $50.00
Canine - Proheart 6 month injectable (44-66 lbs) $70.00
Canine - Proheart 6 month injectable (66-88 lbs) $90.00
Canine - Proheart 6 month injectable (88-110 lbs) $115.00
Puppy Package - 3 DAPPV, Take Home Fecal Test, 1 Bordetella & 1 Rabies $140.00
Adult Dog Package - 1 DAPPV, 1 Bordetella & 1 Rabies   $70.00
Indoor Kitten Package - 3 FVRCP & 1 Rabies $85.00
Indoor Adult Cat Package - 1 FVRCP & 1 Rabies $40.00
Indoor/Outdoor Kitten Package - 3 FVRCP, 2 FeLV & 1 Rabies $140.00
Indoor/Outdoor Adult Cat Package - 1 FVRCP, 1 FeLV & 1 Rabies $65.00
One Time Prescription $25.00
Dogs - Bravecto (all weights) 1 pack - all sizes $60.00
Cats - Comfortis (2-4 lbs) 6 pack - $80.00
Dogs - Comfortis (3.3-4.9 lbs) 6 pack - $80.00
Dogs - Comfortis (5-10 lbs) 6 pack - $88.00
Dogs - Comfortis (10-20 lbs) 6 pack - $90.00
Petlink Microchip


Dog, Cat, & Small Animal Nail Trim


Anal Gland Expression $20.00
Small Bird Wing & Nail Trim $25.00

We had our dog immunized and everyone was very kind and informative!

Andrée J.

Excellent. Staff know their products and are very willing to assist. The store is dog friendly. Shot clinics are held during the month,a great way to save money.

Bart W.

The best thing is that they have clinics where pets can get vaccinations at a reasonable price. Give them a try.

Helen G.
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Kahoots is proud to help you maintain your pets’ bright, pearly whites

Anesthesia-free dental cleaning is the low-stress, drug-free way to a healthier mouth for both dogs and cats. Every appointment begins with a free dental exam, then the latest techniques and tools are utilized to remove the plaque and calculus that cause bad breath and tooth decay. Our staff is trained in not only keeping your pet’s mouth healthy, but also in making the cleaning a calm and positive experience. Don’t neglect this vital aspect of your pet’s health, visit your local Kahoots today to schedule your pet’s anesthesia-free dental cleaning!

Please note: For the safety of our clients, all dogs that attend our Vet Dental Clinics must be on a leash at all times and cats must be in a carrier (not on a leash or harness).

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Dog & Cat
Standard Treatment $175.00
Antibiotics available as needed from $20.00+

I took my dog for a teeth cleaning (without anesthesia) and the results were amazing A+! His teeth were super white after the cleaning. Looking forward to bringing him back again in 3 months! Thank you to everybody at Kahoots for this wonderful service!

Sara B.

Their house brand foods are good quality and the teeth cleaning service is great. The vets they partner with don't use anesthesia on dogs for the service and that saves a ton of time and possible complications.

Drew C.

We brought our dog in for his first teeth cleaning, and the results are amazing! She sat on the floor with our dog on her lap, and carefully cleaned each tooth with a machine. His teeth are so white now and his breath is fresh.

Monika B.

Great place to get pet feed, teeth cleaning, vaccines, etc... They are very friendly.

Sandra R.

I just picked up my 8 yo old lab who had never before had his teeth cleaned, and what a fantastic outcome. The vet actually sat on the floor with the dog and cradled his head in their lap while thoroughly cleaning his teeth. Zero stress for the dog as far as I could tell. He's an attention whore so I think he actually liked it. $175, while not low cost, is reasonable compared to alternatives and the service is provided without the risk of anesthesia. Job well done!

Steve S.
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Kahoots' customized approach to training helps clients teach the behaviors they feel most important

At Kahoots, we’re all about building relationships based on mutual understanding and trust. We have now proudly extended this philosophy into our new professional dog training. Our trainers are dedicated to helping pet parents construct a lasting, effective partnership with their dogs based on clarity of expectations and trust. We use animal psychology and positive reinforcement methods to give owners the tools they need to truly communicate with their dogs.

Please note: Dog training schedules vary from store to store depending on their trainer's availability. Please contact your local Kahoots for class times and dates. For the safety of our clients, all dogs that visit our store must be on a leash.

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Professional Dog Training
5 Sessions $155
10 Sessions $275
15 Sessions $380
Professional Dog Training
1 Session $95
2 Sessions $155
4 Sessions $275

My puppy had dog training with Vanessa at the Menifee location and I can't say enough about her. She's amazing! She was a great teacher and we learned so much from here over the course of our training. I Highly recommend her and also loved all the staff at the store.

Becky N.

The experience was excellent! We were very satisfied with how thorough it was. We got results – Maddy is much easier to walk now than before. She has learned new commands, and is more engaged with us than she used to be. And since Maddy is more stimulated, she's learned more commands, behaviors, and we've bonded with her even more.

Kim L.

Great place, very nice people and the trainer is top notch!

Jason P.

My husband and I have been training for 9 weeks at Kahoots RB with our two puppies: Sadie and Walker. I have to say it has been an amazing experience. Our trainer, Cayla Vaught, is exceptional. They go far and above what I have experienced at other Pet Stores. I will always be a Kahoots shopper as long as their service continues with such excellence.

Holly K.

The best dog training class ever! The staff is friendly and knowledgeable!

Yesenia A.

Kahoots had the friendliest most knowledgeable staff anywhere. Come in for great pet food and meet their fabulous dog trainer.

Janna L.

We are so satisfied! Julia is so patient and makes sure we truly understand before practicing on our own. It's worth every penny and the small class size was great.


My father was a veterinarian/dog show judge and in my 50 years of owning dogs, I'm convinced David is one of the most gifted. He is passionate about it, punctual, caring, creative and just darn good. I highly highly recommend him.

Patrick L.

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