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We're here with a wide range of vaccines to keep animals healthy, at a price that keeps you happy

No appointment necessary! Say goodbye to those pricey vet bills for simple vaccines. Kahoots offers vaccinations, testing, and much more at extremely affordable prices to keep your animal healthy and your wallet as happy as-can-be. We’re proud to partner with Advanced Pet Service, a group of dedicated, knowledgeable vets and technicians who visit our stores to make these important services possible. From individual vaccines and packages to microchipping and nail trimming, we’ve got just about everything your pet needs to stay in good health. Check out our company-wide calendar and menu below for a time and service that works best for you. For copies of vaccination certificates, please e-mail (allow up to 24 hours):

Please note: For the safety of our clients, all dogs that attend our Vet Service Clinics must be on a leash at all times and cats must be in a carrier (not on a leash or harness).

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Individual Vaccines

Service Price
Bordetella Oral $30
Rabies $19
Leptospirosis $20
FeLV $35
Rattlesnake $40
Canine Flu Bivalent Strain $40

* Injectable heartworm preventative for dogs only (ProHeart 6): Available only with negative heartworm test, pricing depends on weight of dog

* Cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, and birds must be in travel carriers

* Some vaccines will require boosters at an additonal cost

* Biohazard disposal fee - $2

Tapeworm, Roundworm, & Flea Medication

Tapeworm for Dogs & Cats

Service Price
(1-15 lb) $25
(16-30 lb) $30
(31-45 lb) $35
(46+ lb) $40

Roundworm for Dogs

Service Price
(1-15 lb) $15
(16-30 lb) $20
(31-45 lb) $25
(46+ lb) $30

Roundworm for Cats

Service Price
Any size cat $15

Prescription Flea Medication for Dogs - Bravecto

Service Price
(1 month) $25
(3 month) $65

Prescription Flea Medication for Cats (Topical) - Bravecto

Service Price
(3 month) $60

Pet Packages

Service Price
Puppy Package (3 visits) - 3 DAPPV, 3 Roundworm Dewormers, 1 Bordetella, Take Home Fecal Test, & 1 Rabies $165
Adult Dog Package - 1 DAPPV, 1 Roundworm Dewormer, 1 Bordetella, & 1 Rabies   $85
Indoor Kitten Package (3 visits) - 3 FVRCP, 3 Roundworm Dewormers, & 1 Rabies $100
Outdoor Kitten Package (3 visits) - 3 FVRCP, 2 FeLV, 3 Roundworm Dewormers, & 1 Rabies $155
Indoor Adult Cat Package - 1 FVRCP, 1 Roundworm Dewormer, & 1 Rabies $55
Outdoor Adult Cat Package - 1 FVRCP, 1 FeLV, 1 Roundworm Dewormer, & 1 Rabies $80


Service Price
Take Home Fecal Test $35
FeLV/FIV Combo Test $35
Canine Heartworm Test $30


Other Services

Service Price
Petlink Microchip


Nail Trim for Dogs, Cats, Rabbits, & Guinea Pigs


Anal Gland Expression for Dogs Only $20
Wing & Nail Trim for Small Birds (cockatiel or smaller) $25

*All supplies available on a first come first serve basis

I am overwhelmed with appreciation and an excellent service experience! The entire vet clinic staff was a breath of super fresh air of excellent care and customer service. My vet was was going to charge me $514 and put my 8 year old dog under anesthesia (life threatening). I didn’t believe it could be such an awesome experience but it was much, much better than I ever expected!

Ingrid F.

We had our dog immunized and everyone was very kind and informative!

Andrée J.

Excellent. Staff know their products and are very willing to assist. The store is dog friendly. Shot clinics are held during the month,a great way to save money.

Bart W.

The best thing is that they have clinics where pets can get vaccinations at a reasonable price. Give them a try.

Helen G.

I've never shopped here but did go for my dog's vaccinations last month. No appointment necessary, all I had to do was fill some paperwork & pick which vaccines or a bundle. The process was so easy (paperwork, pay, get in line, shots, and done). The nurse & vet handled my biscuit with great care. The staff in front were friendly too.

Jenny N.

Took our dog to their mobile vet clinic today for dental cleaning! Everyone was super nice and they really did a great job cleaning our dogs teeth. Very grateful! Highly recommend!

Sharice B.

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