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Feline Amazing! Extreme Litter

Feline Amazing! Extreme Litter

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Kahoots Feline Amazing! Extreme Odor Control cat litter utilizes Zeolite and 5 strains of active probiotics that go to work when your cat goes, attacking any and all odor causing bacteria as they form. For complete odor elimination, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, this super premium litter is the one for you (especially if you have a multi-cat household). Made and sourced in the USA.

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Mindful of our environment: Kahoots Feline Amazing formulas start with a base of pure Sodium Bentonite clay, responsibly mined and sun dried in the USA. A 30 inch layer of top soil is removed from an area about the size of a football field. Below the topsoil is a 2-3 foot deep layer of Sodium Bentonite clay, which is dug up and spread to dry in the sun. This gets turned and re-spread until dry. From there, the clay is removed, fill dirt is returned to the field, then the top soil is replaced. Finally, native plants such as field grasses, wild flowers and sage brush are planted and maintained with the final product being a return to the natural state of the land before human habitation. After the clay is field dried, it goes through a series of filtering, re-moistening, further drying, and vacuuming to reduce dust and create the proper size granule for absorbent litter. Once perfect, additional ingredients are added to create the Advanced and Extreme formulas. The litter is then sent by train to La Mirada for final dust removal and packaged as Kahoots Feline Amazing Litters.

Why Sodium Bentonite clay? Sodium Bentonite can absorb more moisture than any other clay. It desiccates quickly to form hard, easy to scoop clumps, and drys quickly to prevent odor-causing microbes from forming. It's also inert and non-toxic, and won't harm your kitty in the event of ingestion through paw cleaning! Zeolites are used in all sorts of air and water filtration medias. They have a really high cation exchange capacity, so all sorts of ions (like ammonia) are captured by it.


  • Added Zeolite absorbs those nasty smells, instead of just covering them up
  • 24/7 Odor Lock: This super premium litter utilizes specific probiotics that eat away odor-causing bacteria before they even form
  • One fill of your litter box lasts for over a month
  • Clumps and dries in moments, making scooping even easier
  • Fragrance free with a fine texture for soft paws
  • State-of-the-art clean room technology and dust meters create a final product that is 99% dust free



Pure Premium Clay, Natural Odor Controllers, Natural Probiotics

Satisfaction Guarantee

If you or your pup aren’t 100% satisfied with our products, you can return them for a full refund. That's our no-risk satisfaction guarantee! Just send us an email at so we can start the refund process and make the situation right.

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Directions for use: Fill box with 3-4 inches of litter. Scoop daily. As needed, clean box and replace with new litter. Suggested litter replacement: 1 cat/25-35 days, 2 cats/ 15-20 days, 3 cats/10-15 days Make sure to place the litter box in a private, quiet place, away from the food, water, sleeping areas, and noisy appliances.