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The food you give your dog is the foundation of their overall health. Kahoots works hard to ensure that we offer the healthiest dog food possible, at a reasonable price, for every size of dog and all life stages. We’re extremely selective with the ingredients that go into your dog’s food, where those ingredients are sourced, and how they’re handled to create the best quality dog food you can find online. Whether you're feeding our nutritious freeze-dried raw dog food formulas, our mouth-watering wet dog food formulas, any of our dry dog food formulas, every pup in your household will be getting the highest quality proteins, coupled with science-backed supplements to keep their skin, coat, brain, muscles, tendons, and gut at peak health.

We know that truly healthy dog food is hard to find. So we’re proud to say that all of our food is AAFCO certified all life stage, appropriate for puppies (even large breed puppies) to senior dogs. We’ve scoured the globe for the freshest, highest quality dog food ingredients available—and we guarantee that our ingredients never come from China. Order your dog food online and get it delivered right to your door!