Fetch Me Flyer
Fetch Me Flyer

High Visibilty

Fetch Me Flyer


As native Californians, we know how to have fun in the sun! If your four-legged companions love getting outside as much as ours do, why not give them something to get their hearts pumping? Our newly re-developed Fetch Me Flyer is made with a cross-weaved, high tensile nylon to withstand the sharpest puppy teeth our ankles could find. For those avid swimmers, the high-viz, watersafe construction makes for an exciting trophy to triumphantly return to their owner. Whether you bend it, fold it, or jam it into your travel bag, you can always count on our flyer to soar along in all your adventures!


Throw the Fetch Me Flyer with a loose wrist as you would a frisbee, then cross your fingers and hope your pup brings it back. Choose toys based on pet size and playing habits.

Important: This product is intended for interactive play between pet and pet parent. No toy is indestructible. Always supervise your pet during play to prevent accidental swallowing of parts. Small parts present a choking or gastrointestinal blockage risk. Inspect regularly and replace if any part becomes damaged or loose. If toy becomes wet, some color transfer may occur.

Caution: For pet use only, not a child's toy. Toys should be large enough to not be swallowed.

  • It floats! Sling it at the pool or the beach with the fear of losing it
  • High visibility color allows you to play anywhere, even at dusk
  • Cross-weaved nylon is durable against rocks, brush, and sharp teeth