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The cat food you choose to feed sets the stage for your little buddy’s overall health. The best cat food you can feed depends entirely on the individual dietary needs of your cat. Kahoots is proud to offer a variety of the highest-quality, healthiest cat food in both grain-in and grain-free formulas. Our dry cat foods are created with multiple protein sources to prevent any food intolerances that may develop with a single protein source. Our wet cat food comes in seven individual, multi-protein formulas including poultry and wild-caught fish. Whether dry or wet, our cat food contains no by-products, corn, soy, wheat, or gluten. And the best part? Our cat food is certified all life stage by AFFCO, so it’s healthy to use as kitten food and adult cat food.

So no matter if you need kitten food, adult cat food, cat food for sensitive stomachs, grain-free cat food, fish-free wet food, or you just want to know you’re giving your cat the most nutritious food for them, we have something for you