Treat Yourself

Treat Yourself

Time to Put a Star on This Crazy Year

It’s time to deck the halls! We know the Holiday season can be overwhelming at times. Worrying about questions like “Where did all the stocking stuffers go? How many dinners are we cooking? Is cousin Jerry still vegetarian?” can ruin some of the fun. We’re here to remind you that Kahoots has your back. With every one of our products, you can be sure that we’ve removed all the guesswork, leaving you with only the highest quality options we can muster. So, when it comes time to treat your four-legged friends this month, take a deep breath and let the stress of choosing from these healthy and delectable treats melt away. You might even find an early present on their product pages!

Kahoots Single Ingredient treats

Treats, treats, and more treats! We know you love to spoil your little one and that's why we're here to help. Our team strives to offer the best service and products so you can love your Kahooligan in the best ways possible. We also know it’s not so simple when it comes to finding treats for fur babies who have food sensitivities and/or allergies. This is why we made our super healthy, single-ingredient treats! From pumpkin cubes to cod skins, there's an option for every Kahooligan out there. Fan favorites include our Kahoots Minis, which are non-GMO, single-ingredient, single-source, and loaded with natural benefits. Available in beef lung and cod skin, they're great for both dogs and cats alike. Need a bigger bag? No worries! We have you covered with our beef lung strips and our cod skin sticks.

Cat under Christmas tree with presents.

Kahoots Tender Training Treats

Now that our Professional Dog Training classes have taken off, we’ve noticed a big demand for versatile training treats that you can take anywhere. So we added two more sizes to our lineup of Kahoots Tender Bits! Introducing Kahoots Tender Bites and Sticks, and with a new variety of flavors, our Tender Treat line has options for every pup. Low-calorie, gluten free, and limited-ingredient, these treats are ideal for training your Kahooligan or simply adding some happiness into their day.

Kahoots Grain Free Biscuits

Made with so much love that we had to make them heart shaped! These biscuits are baked with all natural, simple ingredients in our human-grade Canadian bakery. We use buckwheat, a gluten-free fruit seed, to create these delicious, healthy, and crunchy grain-free biscuit options for your Kahooligan. We have a large variety of flavors perfect for picky dogs or for alternating treats. Stop by one of our locations to pick up a 1lb bag of Pumpkin, Blueberry, Maple Bacon, or PB & Honey Grain-free biscuits.

Kahoots Jerky

What you’re getting your family for Christmas might be a mystery but what you give your pet as a treat doesn’t have to be. All three of our single-protein Kahoots Jerkys are made purely from cured, human-grade meats that are sourced and dried in the USA. They're naturally grain/gluten free and the single protein sources makes accommodating food sensitivities easy. Like most of what we offer, they are minimally processed and completely antibiotic/hormone free. All three of our jerkys make the perfect snack for both dogs and cats. Stop into one of our locations to grab a bag of our chicken, turkey, or pork jerky!

Kahoots Naturally Raw Treats

High quality? Nutritious? Affordable? What more could you ask for in a treat? With our Kahoots Naturally Raw Treats, we're able to meet all of these qualifications. Made for dogs of all ages, these freeze-dried treats come in four flavors. These nutrient-rich proteins are sourced from human-grade facilities in New Zealand and include grass-fed beeflamb, cage-free chicken, and wild-caught fish. Our Kahoots Naturally Raw Treats are grain-free, gluten-free, and non-GMO as well. These soft, high reward treats are even great for training and packed with naturally occurring omega-3s making them a healthy and guilt free choice.

That's a Wrap!

So, when you're almost checked out from all the holiday stress, remember that we don't want to send you out the door with your arms full of bags (plus, we're always ready to carry your bags). It's about the comfort and confidence that the treats you're taking home are going to be loved by the ones you love. Stop by our online store or your nearest Kahoots to find out which one your fluffy buddy enjoys the most! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!