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Shelter to Soldier

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Shelter to Soldier? What a Brilliant Idea!

Every day, it is estimated that on average, 1835 dogs are euthanized in shelters nationwide. Shelter to Soldier rescues dogs that may otherwise be overlooked, providing them a future with a purpose and a life that is fulfilled by their bond with a veteran in need. 100% of their service dog trainees come from shelters and rescue organizations in the Southern California region.

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Sooo Many Pups...How to Choose?

All dogs that enter the Shelter to Soldier program are selected following a professional assessment and behavior evaluation. These dogs have demonstrated a strong desire to engage with people, good work ethic, environmental stability, and positive social responses with humans and other animals. It is estimated that 17 veterans lose their lives to suicide every day and in 2018 alone, 6317 veterans died by suicide. In the OIF/OEF veteran population that S2S serves, PTSD has been found to be a major risk factor for suicide ideation. We know that the healing impact a highly trained service dog provides for psychological treatment in this population improves their overall quality of life, relationships, confidence, and sense of security. Ultimately, these amazing dogs help veterans integrate back into society and find their purpose, often for the first time since their military service.

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"Saving Lives, Two at a Time"

Based out of Oceanside, CA, Shelter to Soldier is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that adopts dogs from local shelters and rescue organizations to train them to become psychiatric service dogs for post-9/11 combat veterans suffering from Post Traumatic Stress (PTS), Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and other injuries associated with traumatic service experiences. If you would like to support their cause, feel free to visit their website at