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Alternative Diets

As pet parents, choosing the right food for your fur-kids can be tough- their diet has a huge influence on their health and quality of life. While dry kibble and canned food have been the standard for decades, alternative diets offering top notch nutrition are available and more convenient than ever at your local Kahoots.

Kahoots Frozen Raw

These alternative diets are based on the understanding that dogs and cats are carnivores, and a diet of prey-based whole and raw foods better meets their biological needs than a heat extruded kibble loaded with starch, poor quality grain protein & by-products. Commercial raw diets are held to the highest safety standards, a flash-freezing process or high-pressure pasteurization is used to eliminate bacteria that could be present in the raw ingredients, and are formulated to be a complete and balanced diet for your pet.

Frozen raw and freeze dried raw food start with the same type of ingredients you find on your own dinner table- fresh meat and organs, legumes, and vegetables. Top quality ingredients are ground together, then are flash frozen or freeze dried- never processed with heat. The naturally occurring enzymes, amino acids, vitamins, and probiotics are not denatured or lost as in cooking, making them easier for your pet to digest and absorb the nutrition they need.

Just like for people, a fresh, nutritionally sound diet can have a huge impact on reducing disease, supporting good health and longevity for our pets. Pet owners who feed raw remark on improved skin and coat, better dental health, less gas and less waste, even improvement in serious health issues. Not only are these diets good for them, but they taste great and satisfy your hungry dog or cat’s craving for real food.

Kahooligan Tip - Kahoots Naturally Raw Food offers four tasty flavors in Frozen Raw, Freeze Dried Raw, Freeze Dried Treats, and a convenient Freeze Dried Tasty Topper that is a great way to add the benefit of raw food to a kibble diet. Available in Beef, Lamb, Chicken and Fish, there’s something for every dog to love.