Kahoots Wound Care

Pet First Aid Kit in a Bottle: Wound Care Spray

Kahoots Wound Care Spray is a game-changer in pet wound management. The active ingredient is Chitosan, which the US Marine Corps uses in the field to reduce blood loss and help prevent bacterial and fungal infections. Check out the benefits:

Cat Wound Care

SAFE & NATURAL: Non-toxic, 100% biodegradable, not harmful to the environment, safe if licked or ingested.

MULTIPLE USES: It can be used for hot spots, rashes, fungal infections like ringworm and rain rot, razor burns, cuts, scratches, and skin abrasions.

RAPID: designed to act swiftly, reducing pain and speeding up blood clotting. Your pet's comfort is our priority.

PROTECTION: Inhibits the development of fungal spores & germs, creates a protective ‘liquid bandage’ effect.

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