Dachshund sticking face in bag of Kahoots Freeze Dried Treats

Kahoots FD Raw

Kahoots is excited to offer a new line of freeze-dried food and treats for dogs! Kahoots Naturally Raw Freeze Dried was developed specifically with the goal of providing a unique freeze dried range of dog food that is both nutritious and affordable. Freeze drying makes feeding your pet nutrition-packed meals and treats more efficient and convenient than ever. Freeze dried products are an easy way to get the benefits of raw food without the hassle of thawing and refrigerating frozen raw foods.

White dog sitting for Freeze Dried Raw Treats

Why raw food? Isn’t kibble enough?

Alternative diets are based on the understanding that dogs and cats are carnivores and obligate carnivores, respectively, and that a diet of prey-based whole and raw foods better meets their biological needs than a kibble loaded with starch and synthetic supplements. Raw or freeze dried food is not processed with heat, therefore naturally occurring enzymes, amino acids, vitamins, prebiotics, and probiotics are not destroyed in manufacturing, and are more easily absorbed and used by your pet’s body.

Regular use of a raw food diet has been shown to have a positive effect on the following health problems:

Various heart, liver, and kidney problems (leading to improved quality of health and longer lifespan)

Skin and coat conditions (including hot spots, excess shedding, dry skin, itching, fleas)

Reduced overall inflammation (which minimizes arthritis, joint problems, chronic yeast infections, and the ability to recover from injury or illness)

Weight issues (for over and underweight animals)

Benefits of freeze dried

Feeding freeze dried raw food is a great option for pet parents worried about the hassle of frozen raw food. Freeze dried food is safe to handle without bacterial issues, travels easier, and the prep required is minimal.

Kahoots Freeze Dried Foods can be fed to your dog as a full meal or as a meal topper to add the benefit of raw nutrition to your dog’s current food. These freeze dried formulas are packed with meat and fish-based protein rich in Omega 3’s. Our protein, which includes grass-fed beef and lamb, cage-free chicken, and wild-caught fish, is sourced from Human Grade facilities in New Zealand. In fact, New Zealand’s beef cattle are not just grass-fed, but KALE-fed for added nutrients! When summer grasses go dormant, this popular super food is the winter crop that replaces it in the cattle pastures. All of Kahoots Naturally Raw foods and treats are made with the freshest New Zealand ingredients - nothing from China goes into our food, and that’s guaranteed. Our freeze dried diets are GMO free and contain 74% meat or fish, 26% produce and supplements, and 0% grains and potatoes.

Kahooligan Tip - Kahoots Freeze Dried Treats are a healthy way to reward your dogs, and are perfect for training! All treats have a single protein ingredient source, with no added artificial colors or preservatives. Plus, they are grain and gluten-free and naturally high in vitamins to keep your pup’s skin and coat healthy.