Getting Your Picky Dog to Eat with Mixins & Toppers

Getting Your Picky Dog to Eat with Mixins & Toppers

Has this ever happened in your home? 

Mealtime rolls around. You fill your dog's bowl, talking it up like it's the yummiest thing ever, trying to get them pumped for dinner. You put the bowl down. They sniff. For a second, you think, "Yes! They'll eat today without making a fuss." But then... that look.

Your dog sniffs again, gives you that "no way" stare, and walks off, choosing hunger over their bowl. Yep, picky eaters in the dog world are a real thing. Gone are the days when dogs would eat anything you put in front of them. Our pets have got taste now, and sometimes, they're not into what we're serving.

Got a picky eater at home? Join the club. Over half of us dog parents say our fur babies are fussy with food at least some of the time. But what if there was a way to make dinner time exciting for them? Imagine less struggle and more tail-wagging at the food bowl.

Understanding Picky Eaters

Dogs can be picky eaters for lots of reasons. Sometimes, it's something serious like toothache or allergies making them turn their noses up at food. But often, it's just their own quirky habits or they're just not into the menu. Still, it's better to play it safe. You want to make sure their pickiness isn't because they're feeling sick.

So, think about it: Has your dog stopped eating out of the blue? Are they even saying "no thanks" to treats? Or maybe they're not their usual perky self, losing weight fast, or having tummy troubles? These are red flags that something bigger might be up, and it could be time to chat with your vet.

But if your dog is just being finicky and there's no big health scare, don't worry. We know a couple solid tricks to get them excited about mealtime again.

Routine can fix your dog’s picky eating habits

Dogs are smart about their survival. They won't let themselves go hungry like cats might, just because they're not in love with their dinner options. Sometimes, getting your dog to stop being so picky is as simple as sticking to a schedule.

Try this: feed your dog at the same times every day, giving them just 20 minutes to eat. Morning and night, put the bowl down, start the clock, and after 20 minutes, take it away, whether they've eaten or not. This helps them learn to eat when food is offered.

Most dogs catch on fast and start eating their meals during these set times. But if your dog is still turning up their nose, or you just want to make mealtime more fun, that's your cue to bring in the exciting stuff – mixins and toppers!

Enhancing Food Appeal with Mixins and Toppers

Mixins and toppers? Total game-changers. And super easy to use, too. 

A lot of picky pups will chow down happily if you mix up their meals with something new and yummy. Think about jazzing up their usual kibble with a splash of wet food and a bit of warm water to unlock all those tasty smells and flavors. It's like upgrading their dinner to a top-notch restaurant level. That’s really all the “mixing in” it takes sometimes.

But what if you really want to impress your pup? 

Dive into the world of special mixins and toppers specifically made to upgrade mealtime. We've got a bunch of cool stuff that can make their meals irresistible. For instance, imagine boosting their bowl with our bone broth (available in-store), mixing it with our awesome 95% meat Farm-raised Turkey wet food, tossing in a few probiotic capsules, and finishing with some slices of Rex Roll for that extra wow factor.

Why does this combo rock? It's all about layering in those good-for-them nutrients, flavors, and textures, making their regular food smell and taste amazing without skimping on the health benefits.

Bone broth: a super food that brings plenty of health benefits like strengthening immune system and joint health, provides a new protein source, and is a vehicle for important vitamins and minerals.

Probiotics: these are vital for healthy digestion. They add to your dog’s delicate gut biome, making their digestive system more resilient and enabling them to pull the maximum amount of useable nutrients out of the food they eat. (plus probiotics help keep your floors free of messy accidents)

Wet food: Including wet food with kibble is an excellent way of introducing a new protein into the mix. This helps your dog avoid developing food intolerances. It also has the added benefit of being extremely palatable. Dogs love wet food and will gobble it down in seconds if you let them.

Rex Rolls: One of our newest treat offerings. These are great as a food topper because unlike some other treats, these are designed to be a bridge between snack time and meal time. So they taste like a treat, but they’re fortified with nutrition like a full meal. 

Of course, these ingredients aren’t your only options for mixins or toppers. You can use training treats, freeze dried foods, salmon oil, raw eggs, pumpkin puree, and the list goes on. The ingredients above are what we would use to encourage a picky dog to eat their food!

Wrapping up

Wrapping up, getting your picky dog to eat just got easier. Food mixins and toppers are your new best friends. Think of them as the secret ingredients that make your dog's usual food way more exciting. 

Here's the deal: adding some tasty extras like a bit of wet food, a splash of bone broth, or even a sprinkle of something crunchy can take mealtime from “please please please just eat SOMETHING” to “Don’t eat so fast!” It's like adding a cherry on top of their favorite treat. Suddenly, that boring old kibble is the best thing ever.

But remember, it's all about making your dog happy and healthy. Mixing things up not only keeps them interested in their food but also gives them extra nutrients. So, next time your dog turns up their nose at dinner, think mixins and toppers. You'll be surprised at how quickly they come running back to their bowl.