Help Your Dog Live Longer

6 Things You Can Do to Help Your Dog Live Longer

Our friends grow from bouncing puppies to mellow seniors in a blink of an eye. Even with a life measured in dog years, that's all too fast for us. If only they could live forever as they do in our hearts...

1. Dental Care

Dental Cleaning

If you haven’t taken good care of your pup’s teeth yet, now is the time. 

Regular Brushing: Daily dental care prevents the buildup of tartar and the risk of periodontal disease.

Vet Dental Care: For dogs with healthy mouths but in need of a clean, Kahoots anesthesia-free teeth cleaning clinics ensure a low-stress experience that maintains that sparkling smile.

Dental Products: Introduce chews, gels, drops, and water additives formulated to support dental health.

Check Out: Kahoots Anesthesia-Free Dental Cleaning

2. Keep Your Dog Active

Active Dog

Exercise keeps your dog physically and mentally stimulated, which is essential for their well-being:

Early Habits: Incorporate exercise routines early in your dog's life for lasting benefits. Regular activity helps maintain an ideal weight and supports joint health.

Offer Mental Stimulation: Lick mats and treat dispensing toys can engage your pet's cognitive faculties and keep their minds sharp and active.

3. Feed Your Dog a Healthy and Balanced Diet

Dog Food

A well-balanced diet is the cornerstone of a dog's health and longevity. Dogs require a rich blend of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and minerals to flourish:

AAFCO Standards: Ensure your dog's food meets the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO for different life stages.

Quality Ingredients: Look for real meat or ‘named meat meal’ as there are many poor-quality meal ingredients.

Ingredient Transparency: Avoid ingredients labeled as ‘meat or ’animal’ instead of a named animal source.

4. Regular Veterinary Visits

Vet Services

At Kahoots Feed and Pet, we believe that proactive healthcare is key to your pet's longevity and happiness. That's why we offer veterinary services tailored to meet the needs of your cherished pets. Our in-store clinics, available monthly or bi-monthly, provide a suite of preventative vaccines, essential maintenance like nail trims, anal gland expressions, deworming, and even microchipping. Click here for complete vet info.

Check Out: Kahoots Vet Services

If you can, it is always best to take your pet to the vet for an annual checkup.

5. Supplements

Dog Supplements

Prevention is better than the cure. And supplements aren’t just for humans! Excellent supplements are available for our canine pals.

Joint Health: Ingredients like glucosamine, chondroitin, and MSM are beneficial for maintaining healthy cartilage and joints.

Digestive supplements: like pre, pro, and postbiotics aid in nutrient absorption, reduce gas, and improve stool quality.

6. Expect Health Changes With Age

Health Changes

Pay extra attention to your dog as they age. You may need to modify your behavior and your home's layout to accommodate their age.

Digestive Support: As both teeth and organs age, dogs need easy-to-eat and digest proteins, so considering canned, raw, or lightly cooked foods in place of or in addition to kibble can benefit older dogs.

Eyesight and Hearing: Maintain a consistent environment to accommodate sensory changes.

Cognitive Health: Engage your dog with mental stimulation, such as scent games or interactive toys.

Mobility Support: Implement home modifications, such as carpet runners or ramps, to aid your aging dog's movement.

By following these six strategies, you're caring for your dog and investing in their quality of life. It's through these thoughtful, preventive actions that we can potentially extend the precious time we have with our canine companions. Remember, at Kahoots, we're here to support you every step of the way on this rewarding journey.