Firework show

4th of July Safety

The Fourth of July is coming up fast and many pet parents are looking forward to family BBQs and firework displays! We (of course) want to include our four-legged friends in the fun, maybe with some pup-ice cream or patriotic tuggy toy. However, some of the things that are fun for us can be dangerous or scary for our fur-kids. Before we get caught up in the Holiday plans, let’s take a minute to plan for our pets’ day.

Pug sitting with party hat on

If you’re hosting the party this 4th, be aware of what party favors and foods might come into contact with your pet. Most meat dishes meant for human consumption are too fatty for a dog or cat’s system and often contain cooked bone fragments that splinter easily and can damage their mouth or stomach. Other human foods like onions, grapes, alcohol, chocolate, or artificial sweeteners can be toxic to pets. Typical 4th of July items like glow sticks, fireworks, or sunscreen can also be dangerous if picked up by a curious pet. If you can, keep your pets enclosed in a quiet backroom during the party to keep them away from dangerous snacks. If your pet is out during the holiday, encourage your guests not to feed them scraps.

The 4th of July Holiday involves a lot of commotion and potentially fireworks in the neighbor’s yard. These things can all be very stressful for animals who don’t understand what’s happening. Anxious pets can be destructive or try to escape and so the 4th of July has become the number one day of the year for pets to go missing. Before the 4th, set up a safe space for your pets. Utilize a quiet, familiar space such as a bathroom or bedroom to house your pets during the stressful evening. Many dogs or cats can leap over fences or push through gates if they panic so don’t assume that your yard will be secure enough. Anxious pets will often tear up furniture or urinate during extreme stress so try to keep valuable furniture out of their designated safe space. Such anxious pets can benefit from a calming pheromone spray or natural calming aide to help them avoid destructive behaviors.

Even with the best precautions, accidents happen, and it’s best to be prepared for the event of your pet escaping on the 4th of July. Make sure that all of your pets have up-to-date I.D. tags on them at all times. We also recommend that you microchip your pets, in the event that their collar comes off while they are loose. Just like your I.D. tags, you may need to update your microchip information if you have moved or changed phone numbers. Hundreds of frightened dogs and cats find themselves lost every year on the 4th of July and they can only get home if their identification tags and chips are maintained. As an added precaution, take a current picture of your dog or cat before the 4th so that you can properly advertise if they escape.

Kahooligan Tip - Everybody loves to celebrate, but when it comes to our fur-kids, we have to think safety first. Providing your pet’s a comforting space during the stressful bustle and noises can keep them safe and secure during the holiday. Have a plan for emergencies and make sure any lost pets can find their way home. It’s a fantastic idea to celebrate the 4th with your fur-kid, just make sure it’s a with doggy-approved treats or tuggies!