Potty Pads
Potty Pads

Potty Pads


We've all been there - you step out of your bedroom in the morning to find a puddle at your feet, a new stain in the hall, and a guilty looking puppy in the corner. Enter Kahoots potty pad! Now you can train to go where you want or just toss a few down in your travel crate to keep the back seat dry. Our leak-proof lining is heavy duty, super absorbent, and has an adhesive backing to keep the pad in place. We even made them with a natural attractant to bring those puppies back every time they gotta go. From newborns to seniors having puddle trouble, we've got your floors covered!

The Tinkle Train is Closed for Business

Rest easy. We developed these pads for use in our OWN homes. That means a ton of absorbency without the chance of leaking through!

Key Benefits
  • Extremely useful training tool
  • Scented to encourage your dog to go where you want
  • Line your crate or cage for clean and easy travel
  • Handy for senior dogs too