Finch Food
Finch Food

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Finch Food


Kahoots bird mixes combine the simplicity of pour-and-go with the nutritional know-how of your own personal trainer! Made in the USA with farm-grown ingredients, our complete diets have tons of shells, dried fruit, and even pasta (for our Parrot brethren) to keep those bird brains stimulated and well fed. No matter what type of feathered friend you have squawking up the neighborhood, we've got a blend for 'em! (2 lb bag)

Birds like it fresh too!

This naturally preserved, complete and balanced diet needs special attention to maintain maximum freshness. After opening bag, remove air from package and reseal tightly. Use food within 30 - 45 days. Store in a cool, dry location. Refrigerate or freeze for extended storage.

What's Inside

Millet, Canary Grass Seed, Flax Seed, Steel Cut Oat Groats, Rape Seed (Canola Seed), Guizotia abyssinica (Nyjer), Oyster Shell, Orange Oil, and Natural Food Coloring.