Kahoots’ Better Bully Sticks are hand washed with purified water before being laid flat on racks for a 4-day, low temperature, forced air-drying process. This extensive process delivers denser, longer-lasting dog chews that smell like meat and only meat, not rotting urine.

  • Six treats per pack
  • Sourced and produced in the USA from free-range, grass-fed bulls
  • Hand washed to remove those organic substances that cause unpleasant smells
  • Force air-dried at low temp. for 4 days to maintain irresistible flavor and texture
  • Minimally processed, antibiotic, hormone, and odor free!
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Bully sticks with features: Irresistible flavor, hand washed, odor free, sourced in the USA from grass-fed bulls


Try our hand-washed willies. They’re better than the rest and smell like meat, just meat.

Puppy with bully stick in mouth


Dogs love to chew on bully sticks because they’re made entirely of their favorite ingredient, meat. So, why do most smell? Oh, that’s the aroma of the rotting cow urine found in most bully sticks. Eww!

The way most companies prepare their bully sticks actually traps “organic liquids” inside the meat while being baked. This is the source of that unpleasant smell that lingers on your dog’s breath and stains the carpet.

Kahoots’ process for cleaning and preparing bully sticks carefully removes all organic liquids before heat is ever applied to the treat. As a result, your dog gets to happily chew away on a long-lasting, meaty treat that you don’t need to keep outside the house.

Your satisfaction is our top priority

We stand behind our treats with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If your dog doesn't love our Better Bully Sticks, let us know and we'll make it right!