At Kahoots, we’re all about building relationships based on mutual understanding and trust. We have now proudly extended this philosophy into our new professional dog training. Our trainers are dedicated to helping pet-parents construct a lasting, effective partnership with their dogs based on clarity of expectations and trust. Our trainers use applicable animal psychology and competition methods to give owners the tools they need to truly communicate with their dogs.

Every human-dog pair is unique and here at Kahoots, we apply our knowledge and training methods individualistically to meet any learning style or speed. Our trainers offer both trouble-shooting of behavioral problems and outstanding obedience courses. Because we teach with an emphasis on the partnership between owner and dog, our results are lasting and owners leave with the ability to teach any behavior.


Dog trainers and their dogs


Julia Tunnell

Poway Kahoots Trainer

The partnership between dogs and humans is a fascinating and unique bond. Our mutual need for companionship and trust brings us together. However, we are different species and it takes knowledge, time, and effort for us to understand and cooperate with one another. With proper training, owners can not only manage their dog’s behaviors and choices, but they can also tap into the unique skills that their dogs possess, like scent tracking or superior agility.

In my classes, we work hard to make sure that you and your dog truly come to see eye-to-eye and results run much deeper than tricks and treats. We put in the time to build trust and reliability between the owner and the dog so that both parties can expect consistent and fair results. The most rewarding aspect of our training is getting to watch dogs and people grow to love the work and take it to new, fun levels. If you’ve ever wondered exactly what your dog is capable of, I encourage you to come down to Kahoots Training and find out!

"I was lucky enough to be the only pup signed up and really enjoyed the individual attention I received which was tailored to my specific needs and concerns. Julia was also very knowledgeable about various products (leashes, collars, treats)." - Gail H.

Kahooligan Tip - Every dog and owner that share a home deserve to be understood by one-another and can mutually benefit from a clear, working partnership. At Kahoots, we help pet-parents build that communication so that they can exceed their goals and enjoy their relationship.

three dogs sitting in front of an old Porsche and hay bales

The bond between owners and dogs is a unique and special relationship that constantly evolves.

Julia Tunnell

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