The Perks of Professional Dental Cleaning


Even with regular brushing and dental maintenance, all pets should see a vet for a professional dental cleaning by the time they are three years old. Eventually, some tartar will accumulate on your pet’s teeth and will need to be removed by a vet. Also, some dogs and cats have special dental issues or damaged teeth that go unnoticed if they aren’t seen by a professional. Depending on your pet’s condition and age, they should have their teeth professionally checked and cleaned every 6 months to a year after they turn three.

Many pet parents worry about having their pets put under anesthesia regularly for teeth-cleanings, especially as their pets get older. However, anesthesia-free dental cleaning for pets is a solution that many vets have started to offer, and you can enroll in this service at your local Kahoots. Instead of putting pets under anesthesia for a routine cleaning, Kahoots’ vet technicians use calming techniques and a painless procedure to clean the teeth and gums of dogs and cats while they are awake.

Every dental procedure at Kahoots is preceded by a full health-check up by a veterinarian to make sure that an anesthesia-free cleaning is the right option for the pet. Our vet technicians will never proceed if there are any loose or painful teeth or gums that require medical treatment under anesthesia. Severe cases of infection or loose teeth need to be treated with antibiotics or a tooth extraction done under anesthesia. However, regular cleanings done in a non-anesthesia procedure can keep this from ever becoming necessary.

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Making your pet’s dental health part of your pet care routine can make a big difference in your pet’s quality of life. Click here for teeth cleaning clinic locations, dates, and times. 

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