Pepper – A True #Kahooligan Success Story

When Connie of Renaissance Equine Therapy met Pepper, her heart ached for the beautiful horse. He was neglected and malnourished, with lifeless eyes, unhealthy hooves and a dry mane. Pepper was lethargic and had sores on his neck. Clearly in need of care, Connie rescued Pepper and brought him to Renaissance’s grounds in Ramona.

Pepper – March 11, 2015

Pepper - BeforeTo help Pepper put on weight and regain his health, Connie introduced Kahoots EX Premium Horse Feed to his diet. Pepper was hesitant at first, but after a few days, took to the feed and free-fed each day. Within just 2 weeks, Pepper was behaving differently and 6 weeks later, he was a completely different horse. Pepper safely gained 300 lbs of muscle, his color had returned brighter and shinier than ever, and his hooves were stronger. Dry skin and dandruff had disappeared entirely. Pepper was happy, full of energy and able to go on saddle rides for several hours with kids and adults.

Connie credits Pepper’s transformation to Kahoots EX Premium Horse Feed. The extruded formula includes 100% of the necessary dietary supplements for complete nutrition, including seaweed, beet pulp and probiotics. Kahoots EX Premium Horse Feed digests almost exclusively in the foregut, leaving little risk of the negative effects starch has on the hindgut, such as colic, ulcers, founder and other eating-related conditions. Plus, Kahoots’ EX Premium Horse Feed is less expensive than comparable brands and more convenient than purchasing and measuring supplements individually.

The result for Connie, Pepper and others who’ve introduced Kahoots’ feed is happier, healthier horses, faster, and at a better price.

Pepper – April 21, 2015



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