Since the early 1800s we’ve been calling the basics of education the Three R’s: reading, writing and ‘rithmetic. When Kahoots started studying up on equine digestion and the best diet for horses of all activity levels, we discovered the Three EX’s: EXtrusion, EXclusion and EXcellence. Read More!

KAHOOTS Naturally Fun! Dog Toys

Our Naturally Fun! Dog Toys line is made of 100% natural materials including leather, jute, juty cotton, coconut fibers, and buffalo horns (from free range, grass fed buffalo). This blend of natural ranch scents and varying textures is guaranteed to keep your pup happy and engaged during playtime. Our Naturally Fun! Dog Toys come in twelve different styles for our chewers, fetchers and tuggers!


KAHOOTS Ruff n’ Tuff Dog Toys

It’s going to take one tuff puppy to get this plush dog toy to say, “Uncle!” Kahoots Tuff Plush Dog Toys are remarkably soft for gentle chewers, yet surprisingly tough for the heavy-weight tuggers. Made with “extra love” from an uncommonly durable blend of tear-resistant fabric and woven pillow-textured upholstery, these Tuff Plush Toys are ready for your little #Kahooligan!