Since the early 1800s we’ve been calling the basics of education the Three R’s: reading, writing and arithmetic. When Kahoots started studying up on equine digestion and the best diet for horses of all activity levels, we discovered the Three EX’s: EXtrusion, EXclusion and EXcellence. Read More!

KAHOOTS USA Made Treats and Chews

Our Kahoots Made in the USA treats and chews start with free range, grass fed American beef, pasture raised American pork, wild caught Alaskan cod and salmon, and hand selected vegetables grown by small American family farms. Those top quality ingredients are handcrafted into shelf stable raw meat and vegetable pet treats and chews with options to please even the most discerning palate!


KAHOOTS Fruit and Veggie Plush

Be sure that your pup gets their recommended daily serving of fruits, veggies, and fun with these adorable new toys from Kahoots. From the amusing avocado to the cheerful corn, these toys include a squeaker and rope for endless amounts of play! Visit your neighborhood Kahoots to get yours.