Kahoots EX

Kahoots EX


Since the early 1800s we’ve been calling the basics of education the Three R’s: reading, writing and arithmetic.  When Kahoots started studying up on equine digestion and the best diet for horses of all activity levels, we discovered the Three EX’s: EXtrusion, EXclusion and EXcellence.

Our new Premium Horse Feed is EXtruded, which means the barley, oats, rice and sorghum are cooked in a special way that makes them more digestible than uncooked grains. EXtruding the grains increases absorption for your horse by as much as 90%!

We also EXcluded a lot of things from our premium horse feed. We said ‘no’ to fillers and sweeteners like corn and molasses, and ‘yes’ to quality fiber like alfalfa, timothy and beet pulp.

We didn’t just want to EXclude unhealthy ingredients, we also wanted our Premium Horse Feed to be EXcellent. So we included flax seed containing omega-3s for coat, hoof and joint health. We didn’t stop there. We also added dried kelp for vitamins, minerals and a full range of amino acids.