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Kahoots Horse Products


Since the early 1800s we’ve been calling the basics of education the Three R’s: reading, writing and ‘rithmetic. When Kahoots started studying up on equine digestion and the best diet for horses of all activity levels, we discovered the Three EX’s: EXtrusion, EXclusion and EXcellence.

KAHOOTS Hoof Conditioner

Say “Howdy” to happy and healthy hooves! Kahoots Hoof Protect keeps your horse’s foundation strong and sturdy by helping the density of the hoof wall, increasing the rate of healthy hoof growth, and preventing painful cracks! Our hoof protect also contains Biotin which is key to a healthy hoof. Feel secure knowing that your horse’s hooves are taken care of!

KAHOOTS Hydration powder

A healthy and ride-ready horse is a horse that is hydrated and protected by Kahoots Electrolite Hydration Powder! Our hydration formula contains a synergystic blend of electrolytes, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals that work together to help maximize hydration.

KAHOOTS Joint Strength

Help your horse run with ease all day long with Kahoots Joint Strength! Our fast acting formula helps repair and grow collagen, cartilage, and tissue, which allows for better absorption.

KAHOOTS Fiber Pellets

Reporting for doodie duty! This apple flavored pellet formula contains 99% pure psyllium to help with colic prevention and constipation. As a natural equine laxative, our Fibrous pellets are particularly helpful for adult horses who need regular intestinal maintenance or to assist with flushing out parasites killed by the worming process.

KAHOOTS Horse Cookies

Coming Soon!