Brushing Your Way to a Healthy Smile


puppy brushing teeth


So, you’re ready to start a dental care plan for your pet, but you don’t know where to start. Well, consider the main element of your own dental care routine – brushing, of course! Pets aren’t too different from humans in that they require regular brushing with a specialized toothbrush and toothpaste. Brushing is an efficient way to remove plaque and preserve the integrity of your pet’s teeth, so it’s crucial that you make it a habit.

Get Started:

The gold standard for pet dental health is daily brushing, however, some pet owners feel overwhelmed by the idea of getting their pet to sit still for it. While it may seem intimidating, even the most active pets can get a good toothbrushing in! Just start small and use a lot of positive reinforcement. For example, begin by letting your pet smell and lick the toothbrush and pet safe toothpaste and accompany this with lots of treats and praise. Over several days, move on to putting the toothbrush or a dab of the toothpaste on their lips and then gums and then eventually over their teeth, all the while praising their patience and rewarding with treats. It’s also important to be realistic — if you can only brush half of their teeth one day, then do the other half on another day. If it takes two people to calm the pet and brush their teeth, then wait until you have assistance to attempt it.

Making your pet’s dental health part of your pet care routine can make a big difference in your pet’s quality of life. Click here for teeth cleaning clinic locations, dates, and times. 

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