Easy Ways to Supplement Your Pet’s Dental Care


Dental care requires more than regular brushing! When you’ve put the toothbrush and toothpaste away for the day, there are plenty of products available to supplement your pet’s dental care routine.

Chewsdog chewing bone

To supplement your dog or cat’s dental maintenance, there are countless dental chews that help fight plaque buildup. Dog and cat dental chews have been specially designed to get down in-between our pets’ teeth to remove plaque.

Choose chews that are size-appropriate for your pet and will last long enough for them to be effective –approximately 20 minutes of chewing per day. If your pet eats or destroys a dental chew in a few seconds then it has relatively no time to clean their teeth, choose a chew that is durable enough to last your pet more than a few minutes.

Non-edible chews with a fibrous texture, like sturdy rope toys or nylon mesh toys, do a great job of getting down in between the teeth and naturally floss for your dog or cat as they play. There are many chews that will be beneficial for your dog or cat’s dental health as chewing anything for a length of time will stimulate gum circulation and saliva production which will help their mouth fight bacteria. Chews like deer antlers make for long-lasting natural options for aggressive chewers.

Edible dental chews for dogs are designed to be a lasting chew with a fibrous texture that will remove some plaque as your dog eats them. These are a great supplemental option for dogs that do not like to chew on toys. Dental treats like Greenies or Whimzees use oat, potato, or alfalfa fiber to get in between your dog’s teeth as they gnaw on the treat. Other dental treats, like Virbac C.E.T. dental treats coat rawhide treats with an enzymatic formula that makes them more digestible, as well as helping to break down the plaque and tartar as they’re chewed.

Just like the toys, dental treats are only effective if they are size-appropriate for your dog and take some time for them to consume. Many cats will happily gnaw at a bully stick or fish-flavored dental chew. There are also several types of dental treats available for cats, fortified with herbs and enzymes that help prevent plaque buildup and reduce bad breath.


Sprays, Gels, and Water Additives

Kahoots alscat drinking water o carries a variety of dental sprays, gels, and water additives that have been designed to break down plaque and reduce bacteria in dogs’ and cats’ mouths. Like chews, these products are designed to help us pet parents maintain dental health for our pets between brushings and professional cleanings.

Dental sprays and gels are sprayed directly into your cat or dog’s mouth daily and spread over the gums to help reduce plaque and bacteria. Different sprays and water additives use different ingredients to assist in breaking down plaque and fighting bacteria.

Natural sprays like Complete Oral Care use naturally derived grain alcohol, essential oils, and grape seed extract to fight bacteria and dissolve plaque on the teeth. The Zymox Oratene spray and water-additive formula uses a patented combination of enzymes to compete with bacteria, dissolve plaque, and relieve dry-mouth in dogs and cats. For more severe cases, the Sentry Petrodex spray uses Chlorhexidine Gluconate to kill bacteria and fight gingivitis in the gums.

Dental sprays and gels are usually the best way to supplement cat’s dental care as cats will generally refuse to drink water that has a detectable dental additive in it and can dangerously dehydrate themselves rather than use a water-additive. Water-additives use most of the same ingredients as dental sprays and can be equally effective if they are administered correctly to your pet. However, if your pet drinks from a water dish or fountain that has a filter, the filter will remove the dental cleaner from the water.

Making your pet’s dental health part of your pet care routine can make a big difference in your pet’s quality of life. Click here for teeth cleaning clinic locations, dates, and times. 


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