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KAHOOTS Premium Cat and Kitten Food

Our feline friends aren’t exactly known for their unwavering dependency on us humans. And let’s face it, they’re puuurfectly content checking in on us owners once or twice a week. We love them for their quirky, self-sufficient, and positively independent ways! So, we thought we’d give them a big reason to embrace our sappy, overzealous affections by creating an irresistible…



KAHOOTS Premium Can Cat Food

Serve up a natural, whole-food dish of yummy Kahoots premium canned cat food. Our feline friends can be a bit picky when it comes to their meals; after all, it’s not easy to balance healthy ingredients with great taste. Fortunately, with Kahoots premium canned cat food, rich taste and natural ingredients come standard and make a scrumptious…



KAHOOTS Nature’s Best Cat Litter

Green tea and recycled wood are the magic ingredients in this all-natural, extra-strength cat litter. Kahoots Nature’s Best Cat Litter is safe, super absorbent, and extremely effective at suppressing any odors, making this part of your cat’s routine easy-breezy!




Cat are perhaps most infamous for their spontaneous napping ability. One minute their defying gravity as they leap from couch to counter, the next their sound asleep astonishing even the eldest of grandfathers among us! We would like to say our cat beds make cat naps possible, but the truth is cats nap and we humans have…



KAHOOTS Feline Furnishings

Designed to bring out ALL of your cats personality, the Kahoots Feline Furnishings includes cat trees, to satisfy their natural instinct to climb, cat condos for the ultimate luxury of afternoon naps, and scratching posts for their Yoga sessions!…



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