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Pepper – A True #Kahooligan Success Story

When Connie of Renaissance Equine Therapy met Pepper, her heart ached for the beautiful horse. He was neglected and malnourished, with lifeless eyes, unhealthy hooves and a dry mane. Pepper was lethargic and had sores on his neck. Clearly in need of care, Connie rescued Pepper and brought him to Renaissance’s grounds in Ramona. Pepper […]

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NEW PRODUCT! Kahoots EX – Premium Extruded Horse Feed

Since the early 1800s we’ve been calling the basics of education the Three R’s: reading, writing and ‘rithmetic. When Kahoots started studying up on equine digestion and the best diet for horses of all activity levels, we discovered the Three EX’s: EXtrusion, EXclusion and EXcellence. Our new Premium Horse Feed is EXtruded, which means the […]

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