Bird Products

Kahoots Bird Foods

KAHOOTS Parrot Food

Kahoots Parrot Food is a tropical blend that includes carrots, papaya, banana chips, pineapple, and coconut. (YUM!) We made sure that this parrot food was positively packed full of the essential vitamins and minerals that your feathered friend needs to stay happy and healthy!

KAHOOTS Finch Food

Promote the health and wellbeing of your finches with Kahoots premium quality Finch Food. Your fine feathered friends will love feasting on this delicious blend of seeds and grains!

KAHOOTS Cockatiel Food

This Cockatiel food is filled with nutritious grains and fortified with vitamins and minerals to ensure top notch nutrition for your flighty friend.

KAHOOTS Canary Food

Our premium blend of nourishing seeds and essential vitamins will make your feathered friend feel so good, he’ll be singing for more!