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Is your dog employed?

For the last five weeks I have written about how to train behaviors such as “Recall” and “Loose leash walking” and how to address certain problematic behaviors like jumping and barking. Owning a dog isn’t just about “behaviors”. So this week we are going to discuss something that has dramatically changed the lives of dogs […]

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Teach your dog to come when called.

Training your dog to come to you on command is probably the most important behavior you can teach them. Not only is it for their safety, but it’s also so that you can take them places and let them run free. I’ll never forget when I took my 6 month-old Doberman, Bosco, to dog beach […]

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Simple trick to teach your dog not to jump

People take group dog training classes for three main reasons: to train their dog to come to them, to train their dog to walk on a loose leash, and to teach their dog not to jump. During week three of Basic Manners class, I ask everyone this question, “how many of your dogs jump on […]

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