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Health Tips for Puppies

A New Puppy! Here is What You Will Need I see you just got a new dog! There is nothing more heartwarming than a brand new puppy. Although they can be mischievous creatures (who very well might chew on your socks and furniture), they are also an incredible little being that will sit, listen, and […]

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Your dog’s exercise is just as important as your own

IMPORTANCE OF DAILY EXERCISE Your dog’s daily exercise routine is just as important as your own. Just a few of the many benefits to daily exercise include weight management, reduced digestive problems, agility, and elimination of common behavior problems and hyperactivity. If not exercised properly, dogs can exhibit problems such as destructive behavior, hyperactivity, and […]

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Signs of an Ear Infection in Dogs or Cats

Has your pet ever scratched violently at his ear or shook his head and rubbed it against the ground?  Or even worse, perhaps there’s an unpleasant odor emanating throughout the house. You look down at your basset hound, “Clyde,” and say, “What’s going on with you?” Ear infections can be uncomfortable and painful for your […]

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